Turning and Carving Wood

If you have a passion for wood carving or turning on a lathe, we have the materials that will help you create that beautiful piece.

Woods that are good for carving are those that relatively soft, tend not to split and carve off nicely in curled shavings. Basswood and Butternut are perfect for carving though you are not limited to these. We have many other species to choose from.

Turning on a lathe is said to be one of the most enjoyable woodworking activities. We can supply you with all of the wood you need for your turning project. Burls are great for turning pens and handles and look fantastic when finished. We can offer any of the over 50 species of lumber to you for your project.

Our shorts and cutoff section is a great place to look for all of your turning and carving materials. This offers you an economical way to pick the perfect piece for your project.  





turning 225x300